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Org. HK$ 88 /m
24+6 Promotion
Avg. HK$ 63 /m up
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10% off + Free 6 months
  • 2GB SSD Web Space
  • 1GB SSD Database
  • 2 Emails(POP3/IMAP)


Org. HK$ 108 /m
24+6 Promotion
Avg. HK$ 78 /m up
Order Now Details
10% off + Free 6 months
  • 6GB SSD Web Space
  • 1GB SSD Database
  • 6 Emails(POP3/IMAP)


Org. HK$ 238 /m up
24+6 Promotion
Avg. HK$ 171 /m
Order Now Details
10% off + Free 6 months
  • 40GB SSD Web Space
  • 5GB SSD Database
  • 16 Emails(POP3/IMAP)


Org. HK$ 398 /m up
24+6 Promotion
Avg. HK$ 287 /m
Order Now Details
10% off + Free 6 months
  • 100GB SSD Web Space
  • 10GB SSD Database
  • 40 Emails(POP3/IMAP)


Org. HK$ 688 /m
24+6 Promotion
Avg. HK$ 495 /m
Order Now Details
10% off + Free 6 months
  • 150GB SSD Web Space
  • 15GB SSD Database
  • 100 Emails(POP3/IMAP)
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300% faster random Read/Write speed

Traditional HDD continuous random read/write speed ranges from 100MB/s to 140MB/s whereas that of SSD hard disk is more outstanding. Generally speaking, the random read speed of SSD exceeds 400MB/s and even reaches 500MB/s or above meanwhile its random write speed is from 200MB/s to 400MB/s or more. Obviously, SSD operates more speedily compared to traditional HDD.

More information is available at HKEPC Special Coverage

Cloud Hosting

Accelerate your web page speed by SSD high speed hosting

SSD hard disk provide faster response time and random read/write speed compared to traditional hard disk. So, using CommuniLink SSD Hosting service can accelerate web page loading speed, which is especially suitable for popular website content management system nowadays.


Boost Up Your Website Speed with SSD Caching

CommuniLink's server support SSD Caching Technology. The principle is SSD Caching can serve cached all static web content to visitors. It is not necessary to generate dynamic content so your visitors get the fastest page load times and best performance.


Compress files automatically to decrease page loading time

CommuniLink's server support compress and decompress. There are two obvious benefits of reducing file size - save storage space and reduce the transmission time for uploading file to web. Compressor typically minifies the text file by 60-70% that can improve your PageSpeeds.

Automatically optimize new images

After you upload JPEG or PNG images to Communilink's server, your images are analyzed to apply the best possible optimization without visible loss in quality. Your website will load faster for your visitors.


Commercial CDN Faster and More Secure

CDN(Content delivery network)is a collection of servers located all around the world. When a browser loads static content (e.g. html, jpg file), the request is automatically routed to the server geographically closest to the browser and result in faster downloads.

Moreover, CDN server hides the real IP address. It can protect your website from DDOS attacks to improve your website security.


Fit search engine and explorer's appetite

Neither web-user nor search engine will welcome to slow response and loading speed website. Website operating speed, bounce rate and conversion rate etc. have closely-knit relationship with search engine ranking, which may bring you more business opportunities at any time.

Reduce trouble, user-friendly SSD Hosting

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are popular website content management systems at present. CommuniLink will install these systems for you once you select our SSD Hosting service, this will certainly save your precious time.


Covered all you need with said monthly fee

You can enjoy speedy SSD Hosting, SSD MySQL database, email account, website content management system meanwhile, and even you can use FTP to install application program anytime without worrying about hardware worn away and its maintenance.


Set up account within 1 hour

Your account will be set up within 1 hour after payment, account information will then be sent to you via email so as to save time.


Guarantee 30-day refund

Qualified service with professional support, we are therefore confident that you must be satisfied with our service and provide you 30-day refund guarantee.


Try our service once and know who is hosting master

Still worry about web-performance? Hesitate to change hosting company? We are pleased to provide you trial service freely. To make sure that you enjoy our service at ease, change hosting company with excitement, do try as much as you like before purchase.

Providing you below security facilities is a safe pillow!
Cloud Hosting24-hour Technical Support Hotline
Cloud Hosting99.9% Online Guarantee
Cloud HostingEveryday Data Backup^
Cloud HostingEnterprise Hard Discs RAID Proposal
Cloud HostingDisaster Recovery System
Cloud HostingUPS Power Disconnection-prevented System
Cloud HostingDouble Internet Backbone
Cloud HostingEnterprise Cluster Email Server
Cloud HostingBackup Server and Power Supply
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Titanium
Original Price(Monthly Fee) HK$88 HK$108 HK$158 HK$238 HK$398 HK$688
12+3 Promotion
Free 3 months
Prepaid 12-Month (Monthly Avg. Fee)
HK$70 HK$86 HK$126 HK$190 HK$318 HK$550
24+6 Promotion
Free 6 months + 10% off
Prepaid 24-Month (Monthly Avg. Fee)
HK$63 HK$78 HK$114 HK$ 171 HK$287 HK$495
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SSD Web Space 2GB
Shared email space 20GB 60GB 100GB 160GB 400GB 1000GB
No. of POP3 Email Accounts 2 6 10 16 40 100
Monthly bandwidth 2TB 6TB 16TB 40TB 100TB 150TB
**Install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Zen Cart, opencart or oscommerce freely

- Free once when setting up the hosting service
Files and databases are stored in high-speed SSD Hard Disk
Boost Speed with SSD Cache --- ---
Automatic file compression Decrease page loading time --- ---
Automatically optimize new images Slim Down and Speed Up --- ---
[Value Added Service] Commercial CDN Faster and More Secure

  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Automatic static content caching
  • Accelerate delivery of dynamic content with Railgun™
  • Asynchronous Javascript Loading Rocket Loader™
  • Image optimization with Polish™
  • Mobile optimization with Mirage™
  • Advanced DDoS protection
  • Advanced web application firewall (WAF) with 25 custom rulesets
  • Custom SSL certificate upload
  • Prioritized support
  • 50 Page Rules included
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Own SMTP Server SMTP Special Port SMTP Special Port SMTP Special Port SMTP Special Port SMTP Special Port SMTP Special Port
Autoresponders , Mail Forwarders , Your Own POP3 Server, Your Own IMAP4 Server , Multi-Language Webmail , Real-Time Email Virus Scan, Double-layered Antispam & Antivirus, Custom Incoming Email, Backup/Forward
Maximum Email Storage 50GB/Mailbox 50GB/Mailbox 50GB/Mailbox 50GB/Mailbox 50GB/Mailbox 50GB/Mailbox
Maximum Attachment Size 100MB/Email 100MB/Email 100MB/Email 100MB/Email 100MB/Email 100MB/Email
Mobile Email for Smart Phone (Android, iOS, Windows Phone & BlackBerry)
Extra FTP Accounts --- --- 1 2 3 6
SSH Access --- ---
PHP 7.1、FTP Function、CGI / Perl / Server Side Includes、Real Video / Audio (rm, avi)、WAP/WML/XML、Windows Media Service (asf, wmv)
Web Control Panel WCP 5.0 , Email Manager ,
Detail Website Statistics , Customizable Error Pages, Password Protect Directory
Spam Controller HK$40 HK$42 HK$48 HK$58 HK$96 HK$192
Smart Email System HK$50
HK$ 72
HK$ 58**
Catch SMTP HK$90 HK$90 HK$90 HK$90 HK$90 HK$90
  • ** The offer is only for brand new customers. Customers need to actively apply to CommuniLink within one month after joining the service to get this offer.
  • - PHP / MYSQL version is based on the version when the service is set. If customers need to change the PHP / MYSQL version after setting up the service, customers must apply to CommuniLink proactively.
  • ^ This statistic/data backup will be kept for 12-24 hours and is for internal reference only.