Want to transfer, but...
Don't know how to handle the procedures!
Don't know how to move the website and emails!
The process seems complicated, no idea where to start!!!

CommuniLink's Painless Transition service can help you
Simplify the process, handle the transfer procedures for you, and easily help you make the switch!

Due to the complexity of changing web hosting companies or email service providers, many users hesitate to switch providers because of the complicated procedures and processes. CommuniLink specially offers to handle the website and email transfer services for customers. Customers only need to provide related login information, and CommuniLink will handle the transfer of website files and emails to CommuniLink's servers for free, allowing you to easily switch to our services.

Painless Transition Application

Fill out a simple form, and our technical team will contact you to understand your needs.


Authorization, Check, and Consultation

You only need to authorize and provide the account, our technical team will fully assist and resolve your worries.


Join the Plan and Payment

After the check and consultation, the technical team will assist you in selecting the service plan that suits you best.


Painless Transfer and Completion

After the payment is completed, our technical team will perform the data transfer according to the plan, completing the transition process.