CommuniLink always stays close to the market trends and your needs. To serve you better, CommuniLink provides you the most cost-effective programme for our valued customers to create your own e-mail system.
Unlimited Email Accounts,
the Greatest Hard Disk Spaces
In the service plan, you get unlimited email accounts, auto-responders, email forwarders, and EZMLM mailing lists. In addition, hard disk and bandwidth are also the greatest which can satisfy highly demanded customers.
Include Variety of Value-Added Services,
It Worths at Any Price
Besides basic email service, the plan also includes variety value-added services for free, such as spam controller, smart email system, global SMTP, and Catch SMTP.
Dedicated Resource,
Flexible Distribution
Customer can use all resources in the server because it only provide for you. In addition, storage spaces depend on hard disk spaces so customer can divide the spaces depend on their need.
Several Advance Backup Plan,
Safe and Secured
CommuniLink provides hardware backup, data remote backup, daily data backup and backup server, etc different advance backup plan, in order to satisfy different customers’ needs, to ensure your email is safe and secured.
7x24 Technical Supports, Always Willing
to Change Failure Hardware for you
If customers have questions on server maintenance, operation, compatibility, CommuniLink is glad to provide our professional advice.

The plan includes several value-added services for helping develop your business
Spam Controller
A LEARNING super system that scans e-mail traffic from viruses, spam, attacks against security vulnerabilities. The large clustered servers allowing Spam Controller system perform a wide variety of local and network tests and Bayesian system with auto-learn to identify spam signatures.
Smart Email System
Smart Email System ensure you keep a close and stable connection with China clients or business partners and to assist you have a smooth business operation between China, Hong Kong and overseas.
Global SMTP
Global SMTP Service Provide multiple port SMTP service (Port 25, 465, 587, 2620), which enables users to send emails worldwide from any computer or smart phone anytime anywhere. To ensure the security of emails, all mail traffic will be encrypted. Users do not have to worry about any disclosure of email content.
Catch SMTP
"Catch" your users' outgoing email and deliver to a specify mailbox for your reference. You will have a copy of their outgoing email without asking them to make any changes on their mail account.
Comparison of dedicated Email Server Service and Domain Email Service
  Domain Email Service Dedicated Email Server
Service Plan Standard package will be provided. Server resource will vary between different service packages. Additional service fee is required if you would like to increase the storage. Exclusive Resources Allocation: Whole server is dedicated for one customer use. Customized server configuration will be provided as requested. Storage space is depended on the size of harddisk of the server. Customers could choose a suitable harddisk when placing the order.
System Security CommuniLink professional engineers are frequently monitoring the systems to prevent abnormalities or illegal activities, so to provide you secured web-based services and stable email service. Highest Security System: Compare with other share hosting services, Dedicated server service has higher security as only one customer will be using the server. In addition, customer could join additional firewall to have your own personal setting and higher security.
Account Setup Each hosting package is only provided for one domain use. Multi Domain: Customer could setup more than one domain in the same dedivcated server, which help you saving the cost for extra web space and easier to manage.
P1 Email Server
P1 Email Server provides you the most cost-effective programme for our valued customers to create your own e-mail system., which included a variety of value-added functions like Spam controller, Smart Email System, Email Virus Scan,Global SMTP Service and Catch SMTP Service, to match up your flexible business development.
P2 Email Server
P2 Email Server is designed for clients with heavy email usage, service includes a variety of value-added functions like Spam controller, Smart Email System, Email Virus Scan, Global SMTP Service and Catch SMTP Service. P2 Email Server also provides you a backup system, providing you a high speed, reliable, and secured email service.