Extra FTP Account (each)
– For Unix Hosting
HK$50 HK$25
Extra FTP Account (each)
– For WindowsHosting
Customer could choose the login directory, login password and the user permission (Read, write or delete file ) before setting up the extra ftp account.

Remark: There will be one time setup fee $50 for each modification of Folder Name, Password or Permission in future.
HK$150 HK$50
Sub-Domain (each)
– For Unix Hosting
Customer could create your sub domain by Web Control Panel(WCP). You could also create a directory for your sub domain anytime.
HK$150 HK$25
Sub-Domain (each)
– For WindowsHosting
HK$150 HK$50
Unique IP Address (First One) HK$150 HK$100
JSP / Servlet Support
(for Unix Deluxe Plan)
HK$250 HK$150
Apache Raw Log Files HK$50 HK$25
Web Site Data Backup (for Unix) HK$150 HK$50
Web Virus Scanner (for Unix)
CommuniLink has already noticed the importance of web virus scanning and developed a new service called "Web Virus Scanner". This scanning system scans virus on your website everyday. If virus is detected, the system will change the file format (.virus) to prevent visitors who download the file to execute it. In order to let you know the source of the virus, the infected file will not be deleted. An email stated the details about the virus will be sent to you via email and will be recorded on your WCP, so that you can check and delete the infected file. In the WCP, there is also a button called "Request Virus Scan Immediately" to allow you to scan your website anytime as your preference.

Scan shared file on FTP account
Many international enterprises use their web space to save shared files and allow employers in different countries to access it through FTP account. Web Virus Scanner can also help the companies to protect those files from virus infection.

Attention: Available for Unix platform users only.
HK$150 HK$50
SSL Certificate HK$250 Price List


Additional POP3 Email Account (each) HK$50 HK$20
Additional Premium Email Account (each) HK$150 HK$50
Real-Time Virus Scan HK$150 HK$50
SMTP Service HK$150 HK$25
Global SMTP HK$150 HK$50
Catch SMTP Service HK$150 HK$180 HK$90*
Smart Email System HK$150 Price List
Spam Controller HK$150 Price List


MySQL Database
(with 200MB storage)
HK$50 HK$30
MSSQL Database
(with 200MB storage)
HK$50 HK$200
ODBC (each) HK$50 HK$50
Additional MSSQL Storage (per 100MB) HK$50 HK$50
DataBase Data Backup (for Unix) HK$150 HK$100


Change Domain Ownership HK$500 ---
Plan Downgrade HK$250 ---
Service Re-active HK$250 ---
Change Domain Name HK$250 ---


* Special Offer !

The service period of the above additional service will be matched with the service expiry date of your hosting service